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Not part of a basilica

On the same day in two years that were centuries apart: in the first year something positive was built; in the second year something negative was destroyed. What does this have to do with my blog?

I was supposed to update this blog since 9 November – by the way (where are my manners?): Good morning night morning to anyone reading this.

This date I specify because I knew what I wanted to write about: being struck at the “coincidence” of two events sharing this one anniversary, though they occur more than sixteen centuries apart. Yet it was more a matter of the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica falling on a Sunday this year than the fall (hmm, another coincidence) of the Berlin Wall being commemorated on the same day that piqued my interest. Hence the word in question, with its particular nuance; otherwise there has always been a “coincidence” of the two anniversaries since 1989.

Still, if it weren’t for the Sunday thing, I would probably be clueless to this day about when this symbolic iconoclasm took place. That understanding of what happened 25 years ago in the German capital is, to me, a modern – and, I dare say, natural – testament of what the Church really celebrates up close and personally by means of what is, at least by appearance, a far-away building in a far-away place.

That’s as much as I will write on it presently, given the lapse in time.


That really has always been my problem. (Memory, too, it seems: I forgot I drafted a post on the above topic for its “due date”. Oh, well.) In fact, it was the main reason I decided against blogging when the prospect first came to mind.

The connection here is: what do I write about? To me, blogging has always been so close to, yet so far away from, the realisation of a fantasy, viz. that one’s every thought could be recorded, in all its detailed magnificence. Before you could even produce the first word of one thought, your mind has gone on to another, and it’s amazing how, without yet considering the outside world, so many conceptual connections – and the simplest of things, no? – can be made from all the thoughts which could occur in seconds.

The consequence of my own thoughts, certain external responses to them and my internal replies, I have always thought that an artificial machine could be made for this otherwise clerical task. It remains for me to see whether this already exists or would do so in time, but I have to make do with blogging for now.

VoilĂ . The meaning behind the title, after four hundred words. When I signed on to write begin this post, it was the first phrase I encountered on one of those blog for bloggers I’ve apparently followed since becoming one. The tag-line summarised the post by connecting the introduced concept with a caveat of knowing what to write. So, of course, I move on to my own business.

Because, I must reiterate, I will blog what is on my mind, which by all appearances is not as neatly organised as it may be in my internal reality up there. I will blog what I feel – lemme not go there – what I think I can. So as I started the paragraph I thought of some cartoon (Spongebob, I think) whose mind was an office where, as when things go wrong in reality, chaos erupts – papers combust, sprinklers activate; there’s screaming, running, etc.

Now, I could look up an image of this scene to add to the post, but again I don’t feel capable of that now. To be explicitly specific, I just started blogging; I have to get accustomed to some HTML and this platform’s image management, among other things I’ve noted so far. Moreover, it’s late – both in the day (half past midnight) and for a blogpost (more than two weeks) – and I’m probably already veering off into another topic because of what’s on my mind – I can’t pay as much attention to it while writing.

So in the end this becomes “the big post”. It’s neither neatly focused on one topic (so it’s probably incomplete as well) nor quaintly adorned (which, I concede, can be a form of self-expression, though I see it tending more towards attracting potential readers). Rather, it is a jolting introduction for me to the duality of the activity that is blogging. It’s something I will reflect on more often now, whether in thought or writing, since I want only to be constructive.


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