We say it is God’s call,
but just a call?
Then call it: call! and not:

It isn’t just a job,
but as with Job,
it must be rooted in the

What is that,
if not the fact that
we can’t grasp
the marvels far ahead of our own

Omniscient God,
if we on earth believe in truth
how possible it is
that one could know all things,
and yet we know we don’t,
then can’t we see in you this

which you are, God,
we praise.
You have the kingdom;
yours the power and glory;
glorify your name in
all the earth.

Omnipresent God,
you walk beside us
on the shore
and with us in your arms
when we are weary.
Why do we retrace,
if not that some can’t see
the meaning of your footprints
from the mountain,
and that others do not wish
to let them go and let you,
God, be God, and
bring us back?
Do we not occupy a

The some you redirect
onto the way that
we were going,
but the others,
I would think,
you call to help in this

You let these go
and you are God in all things
redirection; then convert
these also, Lord;
that light they bear,
light of your face,
may shine on them as well for their
(Dare we hope that all be saved?)

Save your people,
also your inheritance;
yes, bless us, Lord,
and all your gifts
through Christ your Son and Priest
and in the Holy Spirit, Love divine,
by which and only which
we share in Trinitarian life unto


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