This blog, so far, it’s for me, but I do feel a tinge of shame that the date of my most recent post corresponds to last Saturday. That’s because my next post, Water flowing from the Temple, has actually taken me somewhere I didn’t anticipate going. I can’t say when I will get back on course – which makes the title apt – but it’s not going to be another hiatus, God willing.

As I write this I’m wondering whether I should have given away my title, which makes me question if I should be writing this at all. On the one hand, it would motivate me to hurry up, but on the other I’m thinking it could spoil the experience of blogging, if not the topic of the posts. (In a way, then, I’m blogging here about blogging, which I never thought I would do.)

Oh, well. It’s a learning experience.

After my next post, look out for the following titles, in any order:

  • The brutality of history
  • Pray for Spanish eyes
  • Earning a mild heart attack

Apart from any reactive comments, it would be fun if someone tried to guess the key words that will be the topics of these four posts.

PS: I conceived the title, but Google’d it to see if this was a ‘real’ word and yikes! This would be the second time in six posts that I am guilty of it…perhaps that explains things? As I tried to imply, I’m not keen on it, but I’m just starting out in a sense, so I hope this is a rare occurrence into the future.

PPS: Those last three words (no, not “of each post”!) remind me of a song I still hear on local radio; I thought of making that the title instead, but looking it up, I’m glad I didn’t associate my blog with those lyrics (from Sting).

PPPS: The tags? I did that on purpose. I forgot all about them after starting back; hopefully, not anymore.


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