The brutality of history

I began to read an article about a police officer whose treatment on the part of colleagues changed for the worse the day after said officer came out as transgendered. It had me thinking, the piece as such abandoned, that, if the point of coming out is supposed… to be courage — expressed on the part of self, impressed (inspiringly?) on the minds of others –, yet with or without it, at the heart of the matter, there is something unavoidable. So, even if the officer continued to keep secrets, then still there would be at least one person who knows that said person was born a man.

And yet, whereas the other categories of its truly queer community do not have to face this situation, the transgendered appear to me as undoing the community’s very foundation that is gender theory. While there may be talk nowadays of new subject pronouns in English that are personal but neuter, it seems necessary for the transgendered to stick to ‘he’ and ‘she’ as a matter of affirming their claimed identities, thereby leaving genders to language and sexes to personalities, which gender theory fails to do.

The problem, of course, is that they alter their biologies accordingly: really they are trans-sexed; otherwise what exactly is purported to be the difference between transgender and pansexuality? (Dear Lord, I never thought…!) And please don’t tell me one just has fluid desires and the other acts on them! Methinks we doth take too literally that one can’t have one’s cake and eat it. (I still hear that expression and balk at the idea that I wouldn’t be allowed to eat the Kiss© cake I have in my fridge. What does it mean and why?!)

I don’t think that, when Cain offered his first fruits (which, I wouldn’t doubt, included vegetables), he cooked them for the almighty God. Likewise, to this day, everything we do is a raw submission to / rejection of the Creator, but if the salad ever became the main dish, then we’d have problems. That is my paltry attempt at rationalising God’s favour of Abel’s lamb, the obvious precursor to the Lamb of God.

But he never dismissed Cain’s offering: “If you are doing right, surely you ought to hold your head high!” These words apply to us too: we may not be in a favourable situation, but we can be proud if we handle it right. This is not what changing its context would be: such is avoidance, to which God says: “if you are not doing right, Sin is crouching at the door hungry to get you.” If we disregard the beast, we will be devoured, but God warns: “You can still master him.”

Sadly, Cain and the transgendered officer did not master Sin, didn’t overcome temptation. But, whereas Cain, for his sin, is identified by God with a mark to warn against proliferation, the trans-sexed transgendered not only force their own identities to change, but ‘come out’ about it, not so courageously as conspiringly. They would become, as Sartre tried to justify but Golding succeeded in depicting, Sin, or what we could then call “Legion, for there [would be] many of [them]”.

This is conditional, depending on whether situations are handled right, but it wouldn’t change the raw fact of history that everyone is male or female because he or she, respectively, was born so. That is why the officer’s publicity stunt worked against him; at least the brutality would have been mitigated if he kept his deeds private.


To the one who recently discovers he or she is transgendered: you can still master Sin. If you slip, as we all do, the Lord will help you to your feet or even carry you, with his arms that are Confession and Communion…respectively. If you go the way of biological change, it will be harder to master Sin, but with the effort it is possible to run into those loving arms of God again, which even then will be open to you. May he bless you and all people with good will.


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