The month of the dead

Yes, I know, November is over, but for most of it I was unable to keep up with Catholic news and blogging. Let’s just say the ‘death’ of my laptop and my cell phone’s SD card, and in quick succession too, are not among the very few positives of the last twenty-eight days.

But thanks be to God that things are somewhat back to normal…somewhat. Otherwise, as little as three days ago, I didn’t think I had the energy to maintain this site. Had I not promised (myself) against it, I would have given up again, given especially my situation since I had started back.

I suppose this should encourage me, knowing that other promises (of sorts) have been broken, meaning that “through no fault of my own” would hold little to no weight. One such promise, of course, was the list of intended posts I gave in my last entry.

The good news is that, having recovered the SD card (which was apparently only dislodged) and my current system for a few days now, I have one of those intended posts and a new one to share immediately. Here’s hoping that you enjoy them and that, far from encountering such problems or worse again, I might even recover my old stuff.

Put it this way: provided you do your best to follow God and to be happy, once you’re buried (so to speak), there’s nowhere to go but up. And may the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy (hint, hint) of God rest in peace. Amen.


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