Bob with Penny! Wolf no more? Etc.

The importance of brands

  1. I can’t believe I missed the news that Bob Lord died last month. (This would have been my second note because I found out while accessing what would have been my first note.) I even turned to Google because the site where I found this out is new to me.Such was my haste that not only did I only type in “bob lord” but also, upon noticing what a mistake this was, I ignored the fact and scanned to the bottom. It had to be there an entry which confirmed the news in its preview lines. (Well, thanks be to God, at least I didn’t have to go beyond page 1.)

    I wasn’t an avid follower of the brand that was Bob and Penny Lord but I was a fan of the couple. Their legacy lies in their conversion story and especially (as such) in their twofold image of being intimates with each other and grandparents in faith for anyone with even mere awareness of their mannerisms and their job.

    This was resonant in Penny’s death, “[just] a little over two years [ago]”, so much so that now – to continue citing Michael Bowes – it isn’t cliché to say that “Bob has been reunited with Penny”. May they rest in peace with heaven, each other and all of us, in the faith of salvation.


  2. The same Michael Bowes is sharing a report that another well-known from EWTN, John Corapi, is in the process of rehabilitation. (He headlines it as “returned to the faith” but this case raises a suggestion of the internal forum too much for me to concur with the word choice.)

    I do agree, however, with the recommendation “not to get involved with the rumors [sic] and instead just pray for the man.” Pray for him as you would anyone else, but especially that he will no longer attempt to be the Black Sheep Dog he re-branded himself as in the immediate aftermath of the whole situation…and again I had to use Google!

    Otherwise I would have ended up calling him the Black Wolf for some reason that, actually in my search, seems to have identified itself. A “Father Joe”, commenting on the re-brand, wrote: A dog that runs after the sheep on its own is not a true sheep dog, but rather we use another name for that canine… we call him a wolf.

    No, Father John, leave that to “cousins” Courage or Insanity. You are a priest forever, in the line of Melchizedek. This is an oath the Lord has sworn, an oath he will not change. (Cf. Revised Grail, Ps. 110 [109]: 4)


  3. I have a terrible history with blog projects – cf. below, “my lesson” – as implied by relegating this point about them to “Etc.” Maybe I will recover? I speculated to myself yesterday that this would bring about a much needed feeling of accomplishment.

    In the mean time I am keeping up appearances. After having finally started the (second) edition of my undergraduate thesis, which I had always meant to share online, perhaps sub-consciously I am so satisfied with progress that it’s on hold for an important reflection on the Rosary. That’s as far as I’ll go with future topics as I have learnt my lesson.

    Not me…not really

One thought on “Bob with Penny! Wolf no more? Etc.

  1. Hey!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Unfortunately for Bob, his death was the same week as Scalia and I think he got buried a bit, not too many people hear that he had passed away because of all the news in regards to the SCOTUS passing. I never did find out how Penny passed away, the family kept that one quiet. I didn’t know she was even sick, so when she passed.. it was a shock. I can only imagine the moment that each of them saw God and saw the fruits of their labor throughout time. I think they both touched many lives with their video’s and outreach.

    Looks like you have a nice blog here, I’ll come back and visit again.

    God Bless,


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