“On Future Benefits from God”

In the wake of several deaths from my corner, which theme has been particularly explosive today, here is a reflection by the appropriate Saint Anselm of Canterbury:

Meditation on Future Benefits from God (St Anselm)

As with something else I tried to share through the last few hours, my reading will come after – making for obvious surprise – but hopefully it is…well, hopeful.

By #light I meant to convey additionally “in darkness”, because I expect the theologian to be heavy reading, if not heavy-hitting.

The Meditation is from a whole “Book of Meditations and Prayers” by him (146 pages) courtesy of the wonderful resource that is the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. I have two other works lined up from there and, if only if my imagination, they are even heavier despite having audio versions of them for my preferred method of listening along to what I read.

But for now I will settle for liking what I was quickly able to read: the introduction (which refers, by the way, to the previous meditation, so it seems like something of a necessity to take in the whole book). But that’s life, as he would want his work to reflect it.

But, He who bestows on His own such great blessings in the present, what does He reserve for them in the future? As death is the termination of our present state, so is it the beginning of the future. Who is there whose nature does not shrink from it, and whose feelings experience no revulsion at the thought of it? The very beasts shun death, and cling to life, by flight, by concealment in hidden corners, and by a thousand other means.

Pay heed, now, to the answer thy conscience makes…

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

May the souls who have departed this day
and the souls of all the faithful departed
through the mercy of God rest in peace;
and may we who remain be consoled the same way.

(My actual post for today, I hope, will come out tonight – hopefully before twelve.)


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