The Prayer of Christ the conqueror

A short piece to share (in more than one sense) for my consolation in the sight of strong possibility that another failure to make deadline, which I seek ironically to address in that post. (Here I corrected myself not to recognise a mere possibility by using the past tense – saying ‘addressed’ – that perhaps leads it to be a reality; at least now I have another point for said post.)

Prayer of Christ the conqueror-page-0
In PDF here

This piece is inspired by the Embolism (p. 36 in content or … in PDF) to be used in Sunday’s Roman Jubilee for Youth…so you should already have an idea of what the eponymous “Prayer” is. Also: with this I will seek to carry out part of the re-organisation to which I also speak in the promised post. If I complete it tonight (for there’s not much to complete anyway), yet my explanation will remain…and hopefully a complete one at that.

I just had to pause for a while and now can’t remember what I wanted to continue with; such is another matter covered in my post. Perhaps it was to poke fun at starting off, like a compulsive liar, about “a short piece”.

Or perhaps this is one of those cases – somewhat rare for me, I find – where I have no clue how to end, compounded here especially by the looming deadline of another effort. I’m obsessed…and, if this many words constitutes “short”, drunk. (The latter I’ll only know for sure tomorrow; but to say even now that I am exaggerating, I am told, is proof of such a state.) Objectively, then it seems, compulsive liars shouldn’t drink. Boy, what confusion.

I can’t blame “the Internet” alone as I *hope to* later tomorrow because all of this intermissive hangover of sorts was itself held back by another (current) favourite of mine: Bollywood soaps. Yes, that’s what I said: I paused even during my post-pause rant.

And now I have a way out of it because this reminder of my first attempts at blogging, welcome as it is, is also a warning to avoid same as I had promised myself to do when I started back. Plus I’m too tired to ping back to this, so here is my cheesy conclusion:

I have got to pray the above prayer more, that I may conquer my…one might call this demons (where I’m from)…and this may actually not be exaggeration. Also: I should really finish my intended post. This is some consolation, but I must heed my own advice (if it should be published soon): “Your minds will not rest…as long as [your] condition is there.”

Which reminds me of another post…



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