This is to pop my head in after a proper absence.

The former Memorial of the lady in question is her present Feast.

Nothing but the Calendar and the Missal have been changed to reflect this.

In the latter she is now endowed with a proper Preface.

Conferences of Bishops are to translate it from the Latin to their own languages. For English the ICEL has just over a month to do so.

Meanwhile I’ve seen three private efforts (1, 2, 3).

The first two would quicker fit in an EF Missalette. That’s why I consulted them for my own effort.

But I also compared the Missal in Latin and English for signs of particular expression.

Apart from the first and last lines I could only find two positively: maniféstus appáruit [1] and coram [2].

Negatively: ad mundi fines should be ad fines terræ.

(“End of the world” translates part of ad consummatiónem sǽculi [3].)

There’s also an error apparent in the declension hortu.

If it should refer to a garden then it must be horto.

I say she “was first” because, while she did adore “Christ our Lord” before all others, this conscious act of hers needed to be first (adv.) before she could do anything else.

I say she was “an apostle before the Apostles” because, while the good news to all from the Eleven came first to them from her, she also appeared before them (as already noted).

And generally, of course, I bore in mind that it should be sung. Hence, e.g., I split the line about Christ honouring her.

Sancta María (Magdaléna), ora pro nobis. Sancta María (Magdaléna), ora pro me.

Preface – The apostle to the Apostles.jpg

[1] Cf. Preface II of the Ascension

[2] Cf. inter alia Communion Antiphon for the three Mondays of Advent

[3] Cf. Collect for VII Sunday of Easter


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