On Me

Being a Trinbagonian, in my 20’s, and a cradle Catholic in the Roman tradition, while in person I may appear ad intra, hopefully my interests and efforts – liturgy, languages, this blog (double hopefully) and its content – would largely show a desire to reach out to others and a practice of commitment.

Admittedly the scales of balance have more recently seen fit to reduce this, so for now I am confused. (Is it cliché to conclude thus? It may be more cliché to believe something is cliché!) My present goal, then, is to enhance my spiritual life, so if you managed to read up to here, congratulations! and please pray for me; my handle is my name, albeit in Latin…

For the unaware: IOANNES [yo – awn/Ann – ace] PETRVS [pay – truce]; hence the title of my blog, too.

Feel free to reciprocate in the comments and thanks for stopping by!

PS: My first two posts were written before my current situation, so they do not reflect it entirely.


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