RIP Mother Angelica

Having had a tab open on the blog for most of the day – and nothing much to show for it, admittedly, but I’m working – I must have closed not long before the time of the first news I’ve seen for the day: that the Rev. M. Mary Angelica of the Annunciation has died. And, not to be callous but come to think of it, what an appropriate time for it and with an appropriate date too!

This year, of course, was the last time for more than a century to come that the feast of her professed name, the celebration of our Lord’s conception, coincided with the liturgical date of his death. And on the third day, around the time of commemoration for his second Mass, he is risen and ready…we pray…to receive her. (What was happening to Vespers I will find out after posting, since I try to write from what I know.)

With the recent feast of St Patrick I endeavoured to finish setting to music the loríca attributed to him (and since I’m waiting ’til next year to share, hopefully I won’t be late in coming). For now I try to use it every morning, though I’ve yet to commit the whole thing to memory, but as soon as I saw this news the appropriate line came to mind:

in hope of the Resurrection to meet with reward

And certainly the “deeds of [this] righteous” woman give us cause to hope. It is moments like this when a young Catholic like I can learn to be yet proud of something or someone older (implying also that we had no hand in the founding). But Mother was an expert at founding and I, who found the Eternal Word Television Network from an early age, can tell you she’s found the place I have in my heart for it, to stay there even as she makes her way – whatever it turn out to be – to Jesus.

May her soul (and all souls) rest in peace
and may all who knew her find consolation,
all through the mercy of God.