[3] Wisdom to the simple

UPDATE: I got permission!

A brief foreword – feel free to skip!

The following is the third letter, to the editor of my diocesan newspaper, in what seems to have become a thread on the topic of the Pope’s foot-washing rule change. Presumably for this reason it cannot be published but, in the hope that my invitation of 21 February will have been – it wasn’t –, (still) I welcome all readers to my blog, to this letter/post and to reply in the comments.

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[2] Pope interprets the law


I got permission by e-mail today at 4:47 p.m to post letter #2 (p. 2). It literally took submitting another letter to get to this point but, when that one is officially featured – please God – on 10 April, you’ll see it was on a different topic. (I’m actually surprised it was selected.) Plus, if what I learned is hopefully correct, I don’t have to delete letter #3 to re-post it. While all of this has ended any reality of a thread, since we are moving to “the next phase” even if it turns out to be nothing, I am grateful to have been able to start something about it for general benefit.


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[1] The law of the Lord is perfect

This is the original version of a letter to the editor of my diocesan newspaper that has now been published. Hopefully I have provided for all local references, but — as a book I’m trying to read now might say — “the reader” should be able “to discover the gist of [my] arguments”.

DEAR EDITOR: The liturgical change decreed on 20 21 January by the Holy Father via the Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW) was like a birthday gift to me, albeit a day early, but not for the reason which may be presumed. Allow me to explain.

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